SDS Clock 3.3


Best clock collection on the market SIXDOTSEVEN.

Full Version. Clock Widget. SDS Clock a new minimalist and well designed home screen digital clock and date widget with size of 4x1. Launcher for your favorite apps (like alarm clock, calendar). Supports all built-in languages.

✓ Two Tap launcher. Select apps which you are used very often (Alarm Clock, Calendar, ...).
✓ Battery/state of charge show in percent
✓ Select between two faces streched and no streched
✓ Select color and transparency of the widget background
✓ Select color of font
✓ Select shadow on/off

➀ This is a homescreen widget and not a regular application: It does not "run" from the Applications Drawer, in fact you won't even find its icon there, when the install completes.
➁ If you're using killer apps, add the service SDSClockService to the ignore list.
➂ Depending on your device and the amount of installed application it can take some time before you will see the configuration page, be patient.

INSTALLATION (to put the widget on your homescreen):
➀ Long press empty space
➁ Select Widgets
➂ Select SDS Clock

► Changing setting made easy.
If you want to change a setting afterwards, just put the Clock in the Trash and reload it again.
The configuration screen pops up and all previous setting are in place. Change your settings and press OK. That's it.
► If you are not sure whether you'll like it or not, there is also a lite(free) version of SDS Clock.

SDS Clock use the library color-picker-view. This library is licensed under Apache License 2.0, honor and thanks go to Daniel Nilsson and Sergey Margaritov. You will find the code under or send an email to opensource-cpv(at)

Thanks for your comments and also check out other great clock widgets by sixdotseven, here on the market!

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